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Our vision is to advance the understanding, practice, and development of excellence in leadership through optimizing results for entrepreneurs, businesses, government entities, community groups, faith based organizations, and not-for-profits.


Our Mission is to deliver quality professional services, programs, and training to all segments of the business community.

Who We Are

Life Development International is a not-for-profit and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Dedicated to creating excellence in business leadership, we are paving the way for life and career success for corporations, organizations, and individuals from all disciplines. We challenge you to examine your goals and desires, to think out-of-the box, and provide sound strategies for achieving more in life and businesses.


Life Development International began in the early 1980's with founders Viv L. Ewing, Ph.D., and John W. Ewing, Jr.

Dr. Ewing has obtained a Ph.D. in Community and Human Resources and MS in Urban Studies, and BS in Public Administration. She has over 20 years experience in management, leadership development, and organization development.

Dr. Ewing has made hundreds of presentations locally and across the country to businesses, universities, civic organizations, non-profits, professional associations, and faith-based organizations. John Ewing, Jr. is a three term elected office holder in the position of Douglas County Treasurer. He leads a 5 billion dollar organization.

Prior to that, John retired as Deputy Chief from the Omaha Police Division after nearly 25 years. He teaches on the subject of leadership and is a community leader and sought after public speaker.